Saturday, March 26, 2011


This was such an easy craft to put together, and depending on the size of your topiary it can come together in a few hours. I found pretty much everything at the dollar store all except the styrofoam ball, which came from Michaels.

Supplies needed:
- Easter Jellybeans- I used 6 bags (but they were smaller sized bags from the dollarstore)
- Wood dowel
- floral foam block
- easter grass or paper shredding ( you could also use sheet moss)
- small pail,clay pot, etc.
- styrofoam ball
- glue gun
- ribbon
- pink paint, white paint

1. Start by painting your styrofoam ball pink and your wood dowel white, let dry

2. Insert dowel into styrofoam ball, about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way down, put some hot glue in the hole to keep the dowel in.

3. Now for the fun part!! Take the jellybeans and put them in the styrofoam ball. I started at the stick end and worked my way around until I got to the top. It's helpful to press the jellybean into the styrofoam ball first where you want it, make a hole, remove the jellybean, fill the hole with hot glue and place the jellybean in.

4. When you are done, take some floral foam block and put it in your pail. I filled mine pretty much completely with the foam because the jellybean ball had a lot of weight to it, and I didn't want it to topple over. Insert the wood dowel into the foam.

5. Glue on some easter grass on top of the foam and tie a riboon on, and VOILA! You are done, and have a super cute and colourful Easter/ Spring topiary

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Monday, March 21, 2011

We are Canadian Blog Hop

Welcome all fellow Canadian Blog hoppers. I have taken a little hiatus from my blog, however I seem to find time to read other blogs just not to comment on my own :)
Soon I will be back, as I will be on maternity leave with baby #2